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Урок-путешествие по теме: Traveling для 3-го курса

  • Агадуллина Флюза Мадхатовна, преподаватель

Цели: совершенствование коммуникативной
компетенции студентов.

  • Воспитательные: воспитание личностных
    качеств, интеллигентности; развитие
    коллективистических качеств студентов –
    чувства “зависимой ответственности”;
    воспитание индивидуального стиля поведения в
    процессе взаимодействия с людьми.
  • Познавательные: усвоение речевого этикета,
    расширение кругозора, стимулирование интереса
    студентов к англоязычным странам, их традициям,
  • Развивающие: развитие практических умений;
    умение активизировать лексические единицы и
    грамматические структуры в речи; развитие
    памяти, самостоятельности; совершенствование
    речевых навыков.

Задачи: развивать навыки разговорной речи,
навыки чтения, восприятия информации на слух,
письменной речи; применять изученный материал в
решении коммуникативных задач.

Тип урока: урок обобщения и систематизации

Оснащенность: лексико-грамматические
карточки для самостоятельной работы; карточки —
опоры для диалогов; магнитофонная запись;
наглядное пособие; интерактивная доска,
проектор, компьютер.

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент

– Приветствие. Дата. Отсутствующие.

– Объяснение темы урока:

Modern life is impossible without traveling. Almost all people are fond of traveling.
Thousands of people travel every day. It is very interesting to see new places, other
cities and countries. And today we have a chance to travel by plane from Samara to New

2. Речевая зарядка


First off all you have to remember some words and some questions you need for the

– Answer my questions, please.

  1. Why do people travel?
  2. What are the means of traveling?
  3. Why do many people prefer to travel by plane?
  4. How do you prefer to travel and why?

– Look at this plane on the blackboard. How many signs do you understand?


3. Повторение лексико-грамматического
материала для последующего применения в ролевых

1. Make up the questions and match them with Russian equivalents.

1) I , see, passport, can, your, your, landing card, please, and?
2) Check in, I, can, for, to New York, the flight, here?
3) The reason, of , what’s, to New York, your visit?
4) Are, here, you.
5) How long, you, to stay, planning, are?
6) You, to declare, have, anything?
7) Welcome, you, are.
8) Certainly, yes.
9) Cigarettes, have, how many, you, got?
10) Your case, open, please.

  1. Пожалуйста.
  2. Можно мне Ваш паспорт?
  3. Вот, пожалуйста
  4. Откройте Ваш чемодан, пожалуйста.

Есть ли у Вас что-либо задекларировать?

  1. Цель Вашей поездки?
  2. Да, конечно.
  3. Сколько сигарет у Вас есть?
  4. Как долго Вы планируете пробыть в стране?
  5. Могу я зарегистрироваться здесь на рейс до

2. Choose the most suitable word/words underlined.

  1. The plane from Geneva has just grounded/landed.
  2. We hope that you will enjoy your flight/flying.
  3. I won’t be long. I’m just packing my last luggage/suitcase.
  4. A sign above the seats in the plane says “Fasten your life belt/seat belt
  5. You have to check in/check up an hour before the plane leaves.
  6. All duty free goods must be declared/surrendered at the customs.
  7. On the plane a stewardess/waitress brought me a newspaper.
  8. I bought a simple/single ticket, as I was going to return by car.

4. Основной материал

Teacher: Let’s begin with our traveling. Before the flight you must register your
tickets and your luggage.

Диалог 1: “Checking in”(используются
) < Приложение 1

Check in clerk: Good evening.

Traveller: Good evening. Can I check in here for the flight to New

Ch.C.: Yes, you may . May I have your tickets and your passport?

T: Can I take this briefcase as hand baggage?

Ch.C.: Yes, you may. Have you any other baggage?

T: Yes, I have got these two suitcases and this bag. How much excess
baggage is there?

Ch.C.: The extra charge is $5 for each extra piece.

T: I see. Do I have to pay now? )

Ch.C.: Yes, please…$5. Thanks. Where would you like to sit?

T: Smoking, please.

Ch.C.: Smoking window?

T: Yes, by the window, please.

Ch.C.: So, that’s 18 A, that’s your boarding card and your ticket.

T: Thank you.

Stewardess: (магнитофонная запись)

Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats, please. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your
attention, please? The captain has turned off the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign. But, when
you are in your seat, please keep your seatbelts fastened at all times. Thank you.

Teacher: The passengers leave the Samara airport and fly to New York. They have
seats in different compartments, for smokers and non-smokers.

(Беседы на борту самолета/)

Диалог 2: “Talks on the
board”(используются карточки-опоры)< Приложение 1>

– It’s a very nice plane, isn’t it?

– Oh, yes, quite comfortable. By the way, is smoking allowed here?

– Certainly. It’s a smoking compartment.

– Have you got a lighter, please?

– Yes, here you are.

– Thank you.

– You are welcome.

Диалог 3: (используются карточки-опоры)

Excuse me, what’s time, please?

– It’s a quarter past ten.

– It’s Moscow time, isn’t it?

– Oh, yes. If you want New York time …let me see…the difference is seven hours.)

– I see. It’s now a quarter pest three..

– By the way do you know when we arrive in New York?

– The steward says the flight is six hours forty minutes long. What time will it be?
Oh, about ten o’ clock.

– Then I’ll adjust my watch in New York.

– So, shall I.

Диалог 4: (используются карточки-опоры)

– Excuse me, may I have your newspaper please.

– Yes, certainly. Here you are.

– Thank you. Excuse my curiosity, are you Russian?

– Yes, I am. I’m going to New York on a short stay.

– Are you a tourist?

– No, I’m going to New York for some training as a businessman.

– You speak very fluent English.

– I’m learning English after my office hours.

– Good for you. But we American are lazy.

Teacher: Here is an announcement you may hear on the plane.

Captain: (магнитофонная запись)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is captain speaking. We will be landing in approximately 15
minutes. The current temperature at New York is 45 degrees under cloudy skies. Stewardess
will be handing out landing cards. Please complete them before landing.

(Раздаются бланки прибытия) < Приложение

Stewardess: (магнитофонная запись)

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure all your forms are filled out and ready along
with your passport when you leave the plane. We hope you’ve enjoyed your trip. Thank you
for flying United.

Teacher: When the plane arrives at the airport the passengers get out the plane and
go to the passport control. Let’s act the dialogue. It is the talk between the English
Immigration officer and a Russian businessman.

Диалог 5:“Passport control”(используются
карточки-опоры) <Приложение 1>

– Good morning.

– Good morning, sir. May I see your passport and landing card, please?

– Certainly. Here you are.

– Thank you… What’s the reason for your visit to the U.S.A.?

– I’m on a business tour to attend a training programme.

– How long are staying here?

– A week or so.

– Have you got a return ticket?

– Yes, certainly. Here is my ticket.

– Thank you. Everything is OK. Here is your passport, ticket and the landing card.

Teacher: Now they are moving to the Customs.

Диалог 6: At the Customs. (используются
карточки-опоры) <Приложение 1>

Customs officer: Good morning. Can I see your passport?

Man: Certainly. Here it is.

C.O.: Yes, that’s all right. Have you got anything to declare?

Man: Yes, I have.

C.O.: What have you got?

Man: I’ve got some whisky and some cigarettes.

C.O.: How much whiskies have you got?

Man: A liter.

C.O.: That’s all right. And how many cigarettes have you got?

Man: Two hundred.

C.O.: Fine. What about perfume? Have you got any perfume?

Man: No, I haven’t.

C.O.: Good. Open your case, please.

Man: Pardon.

C.O.: Open your case, please. Open it now. Oh, dear! Look at this!
You’ve got three bottles of whisky, four hundred cigarettes and a lot of perfume.

5. Контроль индивидуального домашнего задания

Teacher: At the last lesson some students got the tasks about tradition and customs
of English speaking countries. Let’s listen to them.

6. Подведение итога урока и оценки


  1. Англ.язык: Учеб.для 10–11 кл.
    общеобразоват.учреждений/ И.П.Кузовлев, Н.П. Лапа,
    Э.Ш. Перегудова и др.
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    общеобразов. шк./ Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.Шэннон

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